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My name is Jason McDonald, head instructor at Elemental Jiu Jitsu, My story began in Japan in 1999 while living there as a high school English teacher I started training in the high school judo club. This provided me with opportunities to train throughout the region I was in. Through hard work and diligent training I was able to attain the rank of second degree black belt in judo. Upon my return to Toronto I continued to train at an inner city Judo club in the Park dale area of Toronto, the Minoru Dojo.

In 2005 I sought a new challenge, my instructor Omar Salvosa provided me with insight and opportunity to continue my love of martial arts. Since that time I have trained and competed in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, taught self defence, jiu jitsu to adults and a kid’s jiu jitsu program. 

All these experiences have fuelled my passion to share my love of this amazing art.

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